收縮毛孔 促進吸收 提升緊致 嫩白護膚 按摩理療 釋放激情


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Operating Instructions for Cold & Hot Beauty massager


               收縮毛孔 促進吸收 提升緊致 嫩白護膚 按摩理療 釋放激情

Shrink pores; enhance absorption; tightening and firming; whitening and skin care; massage therapy; passion release


The beauty head applies to skin around face, eye, neck, and whole body


The massage head applies to whole body massage with soft silicone massage head design, high power, and passion release


                                                                 Easy to carry, good for home use and travel

1. Introduction


Cold and hot beauty massager


This device, i.e. cold and hot beauty massager, is a multi-purpose massage and beauty device. It is a patented product that integrates cold and hot beauty, light wave therapy, massage, and relaxation functions in one; its built-in 2600mAh high power lithium-ion battery will also meet your home and travel demand; USB charging guarantees security and convenience; it is applicable for whole body massage and skin care.


1. Cold and hot beauty therapy:


Our face has at least three million pores. Hands and facial wash can only clean the surface of the skin and can hardly remove grease inside pores. However skin can only be thoroughly after the grease inside pores are removed. With 46 years’ professional experience in skin care, full guidance from dermatologists, advanced light wave therapy technique provided by our senior engineers, as well as intelligent design customized to your unique facial structure, we are able to thoroughly clean every single pore, restore transparent pores and fine tender skin, and take your skin clean to a new high level.


Japanese university professors’ researches show frequently increase skin temperature to 42oC can facilitate HSP protein production, repair skin cells, improve skin elasticity, and prevent formation of wrinkles. Cold compress can instantly shrink pores and lock the moisture deep inside your skin. Therefore alternating warm/hot and cold skin care will only benefit your skin without causing any harm.


Beauty lovers have shown great interest in hot and cold alternation beauty between 6 and 42oC. The temperature of this type of cold and hot beauty device can reach 45oC under warm/hot mode and the cold temperature can be as low as 6oC. Warm/Hot and cold alternation can restore skin firmness and elasticity. Alternating cold and hot can speed up skin expansion and contraction. This type of mild skin beauty activity helps stimulate blood circulation at the bottom of the skin and accelerate skin metabolism. Apart from effective removal of black eye and eye stripes, it will also significantly improve skin transparency, add bright gloss to your skin without using any cosmetics, improve skin firmness, and relieve skin fatigue.


Cooling effect


1. Help tighten skin, maintain skin elasticity;


2. Shrink pores, keep moisture, and reduce wrinkles;


3. Soothe muscular soreness, reduce skin fatigue, relax tense skin, relieve red skin and soreness, and prevent repeated recurrence of acnes.


Warming/hot effect


1. Warm up skin, the warm and soothing feeling helps relax skin and relieve soreness;


2. Stimulate blood circulation, open up pores, double up absorption of skin care products by the skin, add more elasticity to skin, and moisturize skin;


3. Apply a cotton pad for deeper clean and more effective removal of facial toxins, blackhead, and dirt.


2. Light wave therapy theory


Narrow spectrum red ray


Applicable for daily massage, skin care, or import/export

① 紅光能讓細胞的活性提高,促進細胞的新陳代謝,使皮膚大量分泌膠原蛋白與纖維組織來自身填充,加速血液循環,增加肌膚彈性,改善皮膚萎黃、暗啞的情況,從而達到抗衰老、抗氧化、修復的功效。

1. Red ray increases cell activity, promotes cell metabolism, increases secretion of collagen and fiber tissue by the skin, enhances blood circulation, increases skin elasticity, improves dull sallow skin, and therefore achieves anti-aging, anti-oxidation, and skin repair purpose;

② 被纖維原細胞充分吸收、促進細胞生長的過程

2. Thorough absorption by fibroblast and promoting cell growth;

③ 加快新膠原質彈性蛋白和膠原蛋白的生長

3. Speed up the growth of new collagen elastin and collagen;

④ 加厚和重組真皮結構

4. Thicken and reconstruct dermal structure;

⑤ 形成紅潤、細致有彈性的肌膚

5. Achieve pink, fine, and elastic skin.


Narrow spectrum blue ray


Applicable for daily massage, skin care, or import/export


Blue ray rapidly inhibits inflammation. The formation of acnes is mainly a result of propioni bacterium. Blue ray can effectively damage such bacteria and minimize formation of acnes without causing any damage to your skin tissues; it is also able to significantly reduce and cure acnes caused by inflammation within a very short period; it also has anti-inflammatory, acne removing, calming, and anti-acne effect; it can adjust gland function of the skin and effectively smoothen scarred skin.


2. Massage with high-frequency percussion and vibration


Super high frequency motor conducts to the massage head at 6500-11000rmp per minute. The high-frequency movements of the massage-head work on the affected area deeply to promote blood circulation, relax sore muscle, and relieve fatigue.


1. . Name of the parts

① 電源總開關

Main power switch

② 按摩調節鍵

Massage adjuster

③ 制冷調節鍵

Cooling adjuster

④ 制熱調節鍵

Warming adjuster

⑤ 按摩頭

Massage head

⑥ USB充電孔

USB charging port

⑦ 冷熱換能金屬片保護罩

Protective cover for the hot/cold alternating metal sheet 

⑧ 冷熱換能金屬片

Hot/cold alternating metal sheet

⑨ 對流窗

Convection window


3. Operation and description of functions


Please check the integrity of the device and its accessories.


1. Charging the product


· When the product is used for the first time, connect one end of the USB cord to the charging port  and insert the other end to the external power source;

· 充電過程中按鍵總開關LED顯示屏亮紅光,充電飽和后,LED顯示為紫色光,每次充電時間約為4-6H小時

· While the product is being charged, the LED panel of the master switch turns red; the LED panel turns violet when it is fully charged; charge for 4-6 hours each time;

· 充電過程中產品不支持開機(工作狀態下進行充電,產品啟動自我保護程序,自動停止工作)

· During charging process, the product can’t be started (the product will enable self-protection and automatically stops working when charging is happening);

· 本機采用高性能環保鋰離子電池

· This device uses high-performance environment-friendly lithium ion battery;

· 產品根據不同的功能,電池使用時間隨機變動,具體參數見技術參數說明

· Battery life varies according to the function of the product. Please refer to the technical descriptions for details.



·When the battery is low, the LED light of the master switch  will constantly flash and indicate low battery, then the device will shut down automatically. Please charge the device before using it again! 

2. Start up massage function:


If the skin of the massage area is highly sensitive, please provide extra protection.

· 充好電的主機,輕按電源開關鍵,產品自動進入按摩方式,

· Fully charge the device, gently press on power switch  and the product will automatically start massage;

· 按摩力度三檔可選擇,連續按下按摩功能調節鍵②可循環切換不同檔位力度。

· There are three massage intensities available; continuously press down the massage adjuster  to switch to another intensity;

· 三檔不同的指示燈,藍色代表1檔,紫色代表2檔,紅色代表3檔。

· Three different levels of indicators: blue is level 1, violet is level 2, red is level 3;

· 按摩功能自動定時20分鐘,20分鐘后產品自動關機,如需再次使用,請再次開機。

· Massage function is automatically set at 20 minutes; it will automatically shut down after 20 minutes; for continued use, please switch it back on again.


3. Start up cooling function:


When you enable cooling function, please make sure your skin is clean.

· 取下冷熱換能金屬片保護罩

· Remove the protective cover of the cold/hot alternating metal sheet;

· 按起電源開關鍵,產品進入自動按摩方式時,可按下制冷功能開啟鍵③啟動制冷模式,

· Press down power switch  and the product will automatically start massaging, you may press down cooling button  to enter cooling mode;  

· 制冷共3檔溫度可選,連續按下功能開啟鍵③可循環切換不同檔位

· There are three cooling temperature levels available; continuously press down function button  to switch to another cooling level;

· 功能鍵LED燈藍色代表1 (溫度約15-20度),紫色代表2檔溫度約(10-15度),紅色代表3檔(溫度約為5-10度)。

· Blue LED color for the function button is level 1 (approximately 15-20oC), violet color is level 2 (approximately 10-15oC), red color is level 3 (approximately 5-10oC);

· 制冷模式自動定時3分鐘,如需再次使用,請重復以上步驟。

· Cooling mode is automatically set at 3 minutes; for continued use, please repeated above operations;

· 制冷模式下:窄譜藍光自動開啟

· Under cooling mode: narrow spectrum blue ray will automatically start.


5. Start up heating function:


When you enable heating function, please make sure your skin is clean.

· 取下冷熱換能金屬片保護罩

· Remove the protective cover of the cold/hot alternating metal sheet;

· 按起電源開關鍵,產品進入自動按摩方式時,可按下制熱功能開啟鍵④啟動制熱模式,

· Press down power switch  and the product will automatically start massaging, you may press down heating button  to enter heating mode;  

· 制熱共3檔可選,連續按下功能開啟鍵④可循環切換不同檔位

· There are three heating temperature levels available; continuously press down function button  to switch to another heating level; 

· 能鍵LED燈藍色代表1檔(溫度約30-35度),紫色代表2檔溫度約(35-40度),紅色代表3檔(溫度約為40-45度)。

· Blue LED color for the function button is level 1 (approximately 30-35oC), violet color is level 2 (approximately 35-40oC), red color is level 3 (approximately 40-45oC);

· 制熱模式自動定時3分鐘,如需再次使用,請重復以上步驟。

· Heating mode is automatically set at 3 minutes; for continued use, please repeated above operations;

· 制熱模式下:窄譜紅光自動開啟

· Under heating mode: narrow spectrum red ray will automatically start.

6. 本機三種功能可以任意切換,制冷制熱5秒極速切換。

6. This device has three functions for you to select from; 5-second fast cooling/heating alternating is available.


7. After this device stops working under cooling mode, the hot/cold alternating metal sheet may still remain certain temperature, which is normal, simply wait for it to cool down. It won’t affect the cooling function for next use.


8. It is recommended that each massage method of this device should not be longer than 10 minutes; 6minutes or under is preferred cooling or heating mode.


9. Recommended use for cooling/heating function is as follows:

. 疏通毛孔導出油脂污垢

I. Clear pores and remove grease and dirt


When cleaning face with facial wash, start heating mode and the heat opens up pores, take dirt hidden deep inside skin out, thoroughly clean pores, and remove all the blackheads!

. 促進吸收使肌膚倍感滋潤

II. Enhance absorption, moisturize skin


Wash face, apply cosmetics lotion and essence on your face, and start heating mode to promote double absorption of skin care product!


III. Tighten skin


After the skin care products are absorbed, start cooling mode to shrink pores, tighten skin, and massage for further absorption.

4. Technical parameters and packaging


Product name: Cold & Hot Beauty massager

產品型號: KR-B012

Product model: KR-B012

輸入電壓:USB 5V,1000mAh

Input voltage: USB 5V, 1000mAh

電池參數:3.7V 2600mAh

Battery parameters: 3.7V 2600mAh


Temperature range: 5-45 (±5)


Vibration frequency: 6500rmp-10500rmp